Assignment #3: Ethical issues

Guidelines for ethical issue paper: Select a current ethical issue that nurses encounter. This must be a significant issue of contemporary concern to nursing. You must submit your selected topic to the instructor for approval prior to beginning the paper. Chapter 11 in the Masters book as well as the ANA code of ethics will assist in completing this assignment.

Be sure to clearly state:

· the issue

· why is it an ethical concern in nursing;

· what are positive outcomes

· what are negative outcomes

· select an action, connect it to an ethical principle, include sources

· specific strategieto enhance ethical nursing practice

The paper should be 4-5 pages in APA format such as those presented Points will be deducted for incorrect APA format, incorrect documentation and grammatical/writing errors.

Assignment #3 Grading Rubric for Ethical issue paper

Clearly describe the ethical issue including definition(s), brief history and all subtypes/ sub-issues on the issue. Gives 4 or more examples.20%
Explain why this is an ethical issue in nursing and health care. Gives at least 3 potential impacts in nursing20%
Describe the viewpoints (3 pro and 3 con) this ethical issue Include the position(s) of 3 or more professional nursing organization(s) regarding this issue.


Choose one of the viewpoints; explain your position. Include, in your discussion,4 professional values as expressed in codes of ethics and other professional documents. Be certain to include documentation20%
Identify specific ways (5 or more strategies) that nurses collectively, could further enhance ethical nursing practice on a daily basis. (Take this opportunity to be creative and identify what you might do to facilitate ethical nursing practice)

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