Artist project: Art Homework Help

Choose any artist that interests you. Below is an artist list but these are only suggestions; you do not have to choose an artist on this list. Please make sure you can find enough information about your artist to complete the paper. Label each section of your research project in bold within your paper.

Biographical Information

Please consider the following information. Each artist will have different information. These topics are suggestions, but most should be included in your research on any artist. Approach the biographical information how you choose.


Suggested Biographical Information about selected artist:

1. Place/date of birth

2. Place/date of death

3. Primary type of artwork

4. Media

5. Style or period of art

6. Short definition of that style or period

7. Interesting/Personal information on the artist

8. Favorite Quote

Artist Comparison/Contrast

Compare/contrast your selected artist to two (2) other artists who work in the same style (from the time period of the artist – or contemporary artists working in this same style). How is the work similar? How is the work different? Do these artists influence your artist and/or did your artist influence these artists? The artists can be from different time periods.

Contextual Understanding 

Research two artworks created by your selected artist. Explain the context of each artwork by researching one of the contextual categories below (refer to chapter 5):

· Historical Context

· Social Context

· Personal/Creative Context

· Political Context

· Scientific Context

Research Citation

Biography Resources (minimum of three -use authoritative sites and books). Include author, title, date, URL (for sites), publisher (for books), and page numbers. No Wikipedia. Cite in APA or MLA format.



1 portrait or photograph of artist plus 5 images of art works created by artist.

Label each with the following information:

Title:                            Date:                                         Media:                         Size:

Location found (museum/collection):URL/ site name (or book source if scanned)

These images can be placed within your paper or at the end. The images do not count towards your three pages of information typed. Be sure to have three pages of typed information plus these images and your works cited page.


ARTIST LIST  (This list is only a suggestion. Please research any artist you are interested in but be sure there is enough information on the artist to complete this project.)

· Albers, Josef

· Arp, Jean

· Bacon, Francis

· Banksy

· Blake, William

· Botticelli, Sandro

· Bourgeois, Louise

· Brancusi, Constantin

· Braque, Georges

· Brugel, Pieter

· Calder, Alexander

· Cassatt, Mary

· Celmins, Vija

· Cezanne, Paul

· Chagall, Marc

· Chicago, Judy

· Constable, John

· Cornell, Joseph

· Courbet, Gustave

· de Kooning, Elaine

· de Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri

· Degas, Edgar

· Delecroix, Eugene

· Duchamp, Marcel

· Durer, Albrecht

· Ernst, Max

· Escher, M. C.

· Fairey, Shepard

· Foster, Norman

· Frankenthaler, Helen

· Gabriel, Dante

· Gaudí, Antoni

· Gaugin, Paul

· Goya, Francisco

· Hesse, Eva

· Hirst, Damien

· Homer, Winslow

· Hopper, Edward

· Johns, Jasper

· Jones, E. Fay

· Kahlo, Frida

· Kandinsky, Wassily

· Kienholz, Edward

· Klee, Paul

· Klimpt, Gustav

· Krasner, Lee

· Kruger, Barbara

· Lin, Maya

· Magritte, Rene

· Manet, Edouard

· Marshall, Kerry James

· Matisse, Henri

· Miro, Joan

· Mondrian, Piet

· Moore, Henry

· Munch, Edvard

· Murray, Elizabeth

· O’Keefe, Georgia

· Oldenburg, Claes

· Ono, Yoko

· Pelli, Cesar

· Pollack, Jackson

· Rauschenberg, Robert

· Renoir, Auguste

· Ringgold, Faith

· Rivera, Diego

· Rockwell, Norman

· Rodin, Auguste

· Rothenberg, Susan

· Rothko, Mark

· Rouault, Georges

· Rousseau, Henri

· Seurat, Georges

· Sherman, Cindy

· Smith, Kiki

· Spencer, Lily Martin

· Spero, Nancy

· Stella, Frank

· Titian

· van Alen, William

· Van Eyck, Jan

· van Rijn, Rembrandt

· Velazquez, Diego

· Vermeer, Jan

· Walker, Kara

· Warhol, Andy

· Whistler, James

· Wright, Frank Lloyd

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