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For this term paper you should revisit material from your classes and collect examples of such applications. Other textbooks may not use matrices at all, but you know anytime linear equations show up there will be applications of matrices and vectors. Some textbooks may clearly use matrices and their operations, if you think it is an interesting example use it for writing your paper.

Some examples may be simple or trivial and some others more complicated. Go back to any old material from current classes or previous classes and note down if you recognize a role for any topic from Linear. In your major discipline (ChE, MCE or CVE) introductory classes, you must have seen concepts of balances performed on forces, momentum ,material or energy – which are good candidates to be included here.

Text must be in Single Space, New Times Roman, left justified.

Start on Page 1 with a listing of applications. Each example should have some basic information:
1. Description of the application or problem
2. Evidence of numbers being collected into matrices and vectors
3. Manipulation or operations involving matrices (solving equations, addition, multiplication etc.)
4. Brief explanation of what is the connection to ESC 350
5. Indicate what is the source material of this example (textbook, journal paper, etc.)

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