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Question 1 : Experience

Describe your personal lived experiences outside of work and educational experiences. Include how this inspires you to become a nurse and what this teaches you about the commitment and drive it takes to be a successful and committed nurse.  (not to exceed 250 words)


Answer to Question 1

I lived in Nigeria for about 28 years, while there I attended high school and I have always wanted to be a nurse, but due to some circumstances, I couldn’t. I ended up studying accounting at Benson Idahosa University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. After graduation, I worked for about six years in different firms that needed the services of an accountant. In 2016, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and unknowingly to us, one of her medications was wrong which led to her health deteriorating badly. We had to take turns in taking care of her with little experience. After that incident, I vowed that I was going to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a nurse because if I was a nurse I would have been able to tell that her medication was wrong instead of giving her religiously. Apart from my grandmother, I’ve been able to take care of other family members who needed help one way or another. All these experiences inspire me in being a nurse and to be able to be there for the people who need me and not just my family members.


Question 2: Attributes

Describe a situation in your life that demonstrates your experience with Teamwork/Collaboration & Accountability. What was your role and what was the outcome of this experience? (not to exceed 250 words)


Answer to Question 2

While working at a microfinance bank in Nigeria, my department was tasked with the target of raising a loan worth #5,000,000 naira which is equivalent to $10,000. I was tasked with developing a repayment schedule/plan that would include the capital and interest for the duration of the loan which lasted for about three years. With my knowledge of accounting, figures, debits, and credits I was able to come up with a schedule that was lenient enough to the borrower and profitable to the bank. Other team members were tasked with generating the loan, getting all the needed information from the borrower, and verifying how truthful the information provided are. The process of putting everything together, verifying the loan, and disbursing took about four weeks. With my schedule being very lenient, the borrower was able to pay back the loan as at when due without any delayed payment.


Question 3: Values

Briefly describe a person or one experience that has prepared you to care for diverse populations. Specifically, with respect for the dignity, worth and human rights of all individuals. (not to exceed 50 words)

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