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Academic Synthesis Assignment Sheet | Homework Help

Academic Synthesis Assignment Sheet

GOAL                 The goal of this essay is to synthesize the research of three (3) academic/peer-reviewed articles in order to bring together various articles to present information to your reader. This type of writing is also called a literature review or review of the literature.


TOPIC                You will synthesize three (3) research articles on the same topic. All articles must be from scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles. You will choose the three (3) articles.


DIRECTIONS     In a developed, coherent essay, synthesize the three (3) articles you chose. Read the three (3) articles. Identify one (1) to three (3) main points of overlap. When choosing points of overlap, agreement is not necessary. It is necessary that each article address the point of overlap in some way. Write a four (4) to six (6) page paper that incorporates all three (3) of your articles.


Your assignment is to

  1. Choose three (3) academic/peer-reviewed/scholarly articles.
  2. Read and understand all three (3) articles.
  3. Identify one (1) to three (3) points of overlap.
  4. Determine in what way(s) these points overlap (do the papers agree, disagree, dismiss, extend, qualify, etc. the point(s)?).
  5. Write a paper that introduces these points of overlap and explains their significance to the topic overall using examples from all three (3) essays.
  6. Properly include quotations as support for your claims.
  7. Appropriately cite all sources quoted.


  1. Merely summarize each article.
  2. Fail to quote and cite examples.
  3. Forget a References page.


FORMAT            The essay should be 4-6 full pages, typed and double spaced, and include a References page (the References page is not part of the 4-6 page requirement). Page layout should follow APA style. The APA-style References page should include the articles you have chosen for a total of three (3) entries.  If you quote, you must cite appropriately. If you paraphrase, you must cite appropriately.


AUDIENCE        As you write each part of your essay, assume that your audience (me and your classmates) know nothing about the articles or topic you have chosen.



SUBMISSION    You must submit this essay via Sakai. You will also submit your peer review sheet(s) to me in class. See course policies for penalties for short drafts. If your submission is marked late in Sakai, the paper is late. Emailed papers will not be accepted or graded.


DUE DATES     There are a number of assignments that support Essay #2. The final essay is due July 3rd.


GRADING         Essay #2 is 15% of your total course grade.

RUBRIC            You will be graded on:

  1. The articles you choose: are they peer-reviewed? do they all address the topic? Do the articles fit together in a meaningful way?
  2. The point(s) of overlap you identify: do they appear in every article? Are they appropriate for inclusion in a synthesis (i.e. are they major points, etc.)? Do you correctly characterize the points?
  3. Your synthesis of the point(s) you identify: Do you avoid summary? Do you bring the points together in a meaningful way, making connections BETWEEN papers?
  4. Your incorporation of support/quotations: Do you use support from the articles? Is it appropriate?
  5. Your citations and References page: Do you site your quotations? Do you have a References page? Do your citations and References page follow APA? If you are missing a citation or a References page, this is plagiarism and will result in a failing grade for the paper.
  6. Grammar and mechanics, including spelling: Your paper should be free of grammar, usage, spelling, and typographical errors.
  7. Your organization and style: Is your paper clear? Can I follow what you are writing? Do you have irrelevant or inappropriate content in your paper? Is your style overly simplistic or unnecessarily complex?
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