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Biotechnology | Biology homework help

How are bacterial cells resistant to ampicillin?

When different individuals within a population have different numbers of restriction sites within the same region of DNA, what is this called? Do not just use an abbreviation.

Why is a PCR necessary in order to determine the identity of a SNP by RFLP?

Plasmids (or vectors) are important in biotechnology because they are:

A. a vehicle for the insertion of recombinant DNA into bacteria

B. surfaces for respiratory processes in bacteria

C. recognition sites on recombinant DNA strands

D. surfaces for protein synthesis in eukaryotic recombinants

E. proviruses incorporated into the host DNA

Gene cloning is used to do all of the following except:

a. Make insulin

b. Making genetically identical animals (e.g. Dolly the sheep)

c. Make vaccines

d. Perform gene therapy

e. Making genetically engineered plants

Once a genetic disorder in an adult is treated successfully through gene therapy, it is highly unlikely that the person’s children will inherit the gene(s) for the disease.

a. True

b. False

How could you determine whether the turbidity in your LB tube was from a mixture of different bacteria or from the growth of only one kind of bacterium? Give a detailed explanation.

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