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Behavior psychology | Psychology homework help

Psychology Question

This week you will submit an evaluation of the effectiveness of your behavior modification program. Your evaluation should be written in a 4-6 page paper (including your graph or chart) that contains the following:

Functional analysis of the target behavior to explain the purpose or motive of the original behavior by discussing the following:
Define the behavior in the context that the behavior is used
The antecedent or trigger related to the behavior
The consequences of the behavior that help to maintain this behavior
A graph that indicates the baseline behavior during the first data collection phase as well as the data collected during the treatment phase and an overall assessment of level of success of your program (of if your program is still in progress you should report the changes that have been made up until this point).
A discussion of the effectiveness of your modification plan, techniques that were used, and method of data recording and analysis that you used.
A discussion of what changes you might make to your behavior modification program if you were to continue to attempt to change this behavior.

Submit your paper by Saturday of week 4. Your paper should be written in APA format and your sources should be properly cited and referenced.

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