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Bb project | Architecture and Design homework help

 Your new clients:
.  Ryan Humphrey – Ryan is 29 years old, single and works as an internet gaming
programmer. He has just purchased a 3-bedroom home in Colorado. He likes to collect
modern art and is not opposed to color.  There will be no TV in his bedroom, and he
prefers silver/chrome over brass finishes and leans towards a more modern aesthetic. 

The Davidsons – Cindy and Greta are a retired couple who love nature and being
outdoors. They love to garden, reading a good book and also like to go on long walks
and sit in the sun with their grandchildren.  They prefer neutral colors that reflect the
outdoors but no florals in their décor and would like their bedroom and bathroom to be
luxurious and stylish. 

 Develop and Prepare (3) Written Design Concepts for a Master Bedroom Suite – You
must use the “What, Why & How” Method presented in class 

 project will have its own unique Design Concept
You will use your Design Concepts to make selections and provide an overall design
scheme for each client
You will find images of all of your selections and include in your presentation
You will create (3) Schemes and present in a digital format.
Design/Presentation requirements are below: 

 Bedroom Materials/Finishes: Ceiling/Walls/Floors/Window Treatments
Bedroom Furniture Selections: Bed, Nightstands, Dresser, Art/Accessories, TV
Bedroom Light Fixtures
Bathroom Materials/Finishes: Ceiling/Walls/Floors/Millwork (counter & cabinets)
Bathroom FF&E Selections: Tub, Sinks, Shower & Sink Fittings, Lighting 

 Remember, you need to think about how you would like the bedroom to function,
and what your “concept” would be.  Think about seating areas, sleeping area,
storage, dressing area, etc.  This is your opportunity to be creative!
What is your concept statement? What is the programming? (Here are some questions
to ask)
 What size bed?
 What types of furniture needed? (Headboard, dresser, lounge chair, rug, etc.)
 Comfort level and design style (contemporary, traditional, transitional)
 Lighting and TV requirements?
 Accessories?
You will:
 Take the plan that was given to you and research and decide what furnishings
you would like to propose for each client.
 Create a Programming slide identifying needs and requirements and your
 Create a brief Concept Statement slide summarizing your design intent. This
statement should also communicate the mood or feel you are attempting to
 Create a “working” presentation of your suggestions to review. This will consist of
several slides with your suggestions. 

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