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Battleship java program | Computer Science homework help


userInterface package



Add an import for

1.     core.BattleshipClient

2.     core.Ship


Create an ActionListener for the Deploy Ships button that does the following:

1.     Disables the UI components on the JPanel with ship selection options

2.     Add a JPanel to the right of Player One’s button board with a JTextArea for displaying the game status to the user

3.     Add a JPanel to the right of the game status with Player Two’s button board

4.     Call the play() method in class BattleshipClient


In the ActionListener for the Game Menu set the player mode based on what the user selected, the options are:

Player versus Player

Player versus Computer

Computer versus Computer

Example code:

if(e.getActionCommand().equals(“Player vs. Player”))

{                players[Constants.PLAYER_ONE].setPlayMode(Constants.HUMAN);                players[Constants.PLAYER_TWO].setPlayMode(Constants.HUMAN);



Add a class member to store the player’s mode, human or computer; create getter/setter for the class member


Create a method that will automatically layout the ships for when the player mode is set to computer using the Random class to randomly select the direction and location for the startRowClick and startColumnClick; make sure the auto layout uses null for the color


Update the UI so that it reflects the saved data for each Player

core package



This class controls the game being played


Create a custom constructor that takes two parameters, an Array of class Player and class BattleshipUI


Create a method play() to manage the play between Player One and Player Two; for this iteration only Human versus Computer has to function


When a JButton has been selected/clicked:

1.     if it is a hit

a.      change the background color to something other than the default gray(i.e. null) and the ship color (e.g.Color.BLACK)

b.     update the object instance so that the number of hits is increased or the hits left is decreased

2.     if it is a miss

a.      change the background color to something other than the default gray (i.e. null), the ship color, or the color used for a hit


When a ship has 0 (zero) hits left or has taken the max number of hits update the ship so that isSunk = true; notify the user when each of their ships has been sunk


Whichever player sinks all five opponent’s ships first wins the game!




Source compiles with no errors


Source runs with no errors


Source includes comments



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