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American Exceptionalism | Politics homework help

American Politics

For essay,
please upload a 4 paragraph minimum answer that addresses the following:
1. Explain how the following key concepts are all related using course knowledge, content,
and evidence from the readings. You must give a strong sense that you know what these
key concepts mean and how they fit together. There is no one right answer- it depends
on how you connect them conceptually using evidence from class.
 American Exceptionalism
 Racial Wealth Gap
 Gerrymandering
 Educational Pipeline
 Partisan Politics
 Welfare State
 Voter Suppression
2. How are these concepts relevant in your own life? What do they tell you about the
nature of American politics?
How I will grade your Essay
4 (90-100) Full Mastery-Strong connections and explanations among key concepts and overall
mastery of content using an abundance of evidence
3 (80-89) Overall Mastery- Mostly strong connections among key concepts though some aspects
are vaguely explained and while evidence is present some connections need more
2 (70-79) Some Mastery- Some connections among key concepts are present though many points
are vague or underdeveloped; lacks evidence
1 (60-69) Little Mastery- it is unclear of the connections among key concepts and little to no
evidence is offered

Requirements: 4 paragraph minimum answer

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