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AI capability | Information Systems homework help

The Analytics Academy: Bridging the gap between human and artificial intelligence. McKinsey Quarterly, September 2019

Answer the following questions in the discussion thread:

The Analytics Academy approach represents somewhat of an “all in” approach on AI by companies to build broad capability. Discuss the ramifications of this approach in addressing employee concerns about being left behind by technology.
What does the academy approach say about the importance of non-routine cognitive skills discussed in Chapter 1?
Comment on the pros & cons of a top-down approach vs a bottoms-up approach when building AI capability?


4-5 points. Effort greater than expected; shows deep insight and analysis; thoughts are expressed clearly. Replies connect with original post and add to further discussion

2-3 points. Posts are simple; but shows some insight and analysis. Personal opinion lacks elaboration and detail

0-1 points. Effort is less than expected. Posts lacks any insight or analysis; rehashes or summarizes others’ posts.

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