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Accounting | Accounting homework help

  1. Certified public accountants have imposed on themselves a rigorous code of professional conduct.


  1. Discuss the reasons that the accounting profession adopted a code of professional conduct.
  2. One rule of professional ethics adopted by CPAs is that a CPA cannot be an officer, director, stockholder, representative, or agent of any corporation engaged in the practice of public accounting, except for the professional corporation form expressly permitted by the AICPA. List the arguments supporting the rule that a CPA’s firm cannot be a corporation.
  3. What would be the appropriate level of involvement of an accountant in evaluating and selecting an AIS vendor and the AIS itself? What are some of the contributions an accountant might offer in this process? What other roles do accountants play in organizations that would bring skill sets accretive to decision-making process for AIS systems?
  4. A disbursement by the general fund to another fund may be recorded as a receivable, an expenditure, or a fund transfer. Explain the circumstances that would result in each of these different treatments.
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