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Accounting | Accounting homework help

  1. What is liquidity?
  2. Standard Acme Bancorp has the following assets. What is its Liquidity Index? A) 90.8 B) 91.5 C) 89.7 D) 89.0
  3. Given below is the balance sheet for the Bank of New Providence: The net profit for the bank was $10.3 million. A required reserve is specified at 5% of deposits. What is the bank’s ROA?
  4. Is gross profit margin the same thing as gross profit rate? Explain.
  5. If the profit margin ratio is 0.05 and the net income is 5, then net sales are A) 60 B) 80 C) 100 D) 120
  6. At the beginning of the year, Keller Company’s liabilities equal $60,000. During the year, assets increase by $80,000, and at year-end assets equal $180,000. Liabilities decrease by $10,000 during the year. What are the beginning and ending amounts of equity?
  7. At the beginning of the year, Logan Company’s assets are dollar 200,000 and its equity is dollar 150,000. During the year, assets increase dollar 70,000 and liabilities increase dollar 30,000. What is the equity at the end of the year?
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