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Acc mcq | Accounting homework help

It appears you answered 100 questions for someone a few months ago and I must have the same class because they are the same as what I am working on. The link/address below is where I found it – not the first 15 ques, but lower down – the 100 further down. I feel pretty good on about 80% of them, but double-checking my answers v yours would be great. I’ll be done with all the questions this weekend and would then send to you. Can you assist with these 100 questions ??

1) Which of the following legal forms of organization is characterized by limitedliability?

a. Professional partnership

b. Sole proprietorship

c. Corporation

d. Partnership


2) The financial manager may be responsible for any of the following EXCEPT

a. keeping track of quarterly tax payments.

b. analyzing quarterly budget and performance reports.

c. analyzing the effects of more debt on the firm’s capital structure.

d. determining whether to accept or reject a capital asset acquisition.


3) The financial manager’s financing decisions determine

a. both the mix and the type of assets found on the firm’s balance sheet.

b. both the mix and the type of assets and liabilities found on the firm’s balance


c. the most appropriate mix of short-term and long-term financing.

d. the proportion of the firm’s earnings to be paid as dividend.


4) Wealth maximization as the goal of the firm implies enhancing the wealth of

a. the firm’s stockholders.

b. the Board of Directors.

c. the firm’s employees.

d. the federal government.


5) The amount earned during the accounting period on each outstanding shareof common stock is called

a. common stock dividend.

b. net profits after taxes.

c. earnings per share.

d. net income.


6) Cash flow and risk are the key determinants in share price. Increased cashflow results in ________, other things remaining the same.


a. an unchanged share price

b. a lower share price

c. an undetermined share price

d. a higher share price


7) A more recent issue that is causing major problems in the business communityis

a. short-term versus long-term financial goals of management.

b. the privatization of ownership.

c. ethical problems.

d. environmental concerns.


8) The implementation of a pro-active ethics program is expected to result in

a. a positive corporate image and increased respect, but is not expected to affect

cash flows.

b. a positive corporate image and increased respect, but is not expected to affect

share price.

c. an increased share price resulting from a decrease in risk, but is not expectedto affect cash flows.

d. a positive corporate image and increased respect, a reduction in risk, and enhancedcash flow resulting in an increase in share price.


9) The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was passed in response to

a. the decline in technology stocks.

b. insider trading activities.

c. false disclosures in financial reporting.

d. all of the above


10) The key participants in financial transactions are individuals, businesses,and governments. Individuals are net ________ of funds, and businesses arenet ________ of funds.


a. demanders; suppliers

b. purchasers; sellers

c. suppliers; demanders

d. users; providers


11) The over-the-counter (OTC) market is

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