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A+ answers | Education homework help

1. Why should teachers offer a variety of small-group activities for children every day?

I. The children will be at different developmental levels.

II. The children will be coming from different cultural backgrounds.

III. Different children will be interested in different subjects.

IV. The children will use the activities to learn more than one skill at a time.

A. I, II, III, and IV

B. I, II, and III only

C. III only

D. I and II only

2. An IEP for a child with a disability would include all of the following except

A. a description of the child’s strengths, needs, and goals.

B. program modifications.

C. a list of prohibited activities for the child.

D. the special education services to be provided.

3. Which of the following is not a component of authentic assessment?

A. Comparing children to others in the class

B. Having a systematic plan for collecting and using data

C. Conducting assessments in the natural learning context

D. Basing assessment on children’s best performance

4. A child three years of age and older who has a documented special need has an IEP. IEPs are developed by the

A. local Department of Social Services.

B. local school system.

C. child’s family.

D. child’s classroom teacher aide.

5. Two children are playing a card game. Your book describes a teaching strategy called behavior

reflections. Which of the following teacher statements is an example of a behavior reflection?

A. “Is this your favorite card game?”

B. “It’s great how you’re cooperating.”

C. “I like the way you’re working together.”

D. “You each have five cards left to play.”

6. Which of the following ideas is most closely related to the teaching strategy of scaffolding?

A. There’s a point in children’s learning processes when, if they are taught specific cognitive skills, their intellectual development


B. There’s a point in children’s learning processes when the help of a more experienced child or an adult is useful.

C. There’s a point in children’s learning processes when they learn best through direct instruction.

D. There’s a point in children’s learning processes when they learn best through indirect instruction.

7. Teachers using effective teaching strategies include

A. daily opportunities for repetitive memorization.

B. expectations that children will figure out how to clean up on their own.

C. opportunities for children to have direct contact with real items.

D. formally written invitations to participate in guided activities.

8. Which group published guidelines for developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood?

A. The American Montessori Society

B. The Association of Childhood Education International

C. The National Association for the Education of Young Children

D. The High/Scope Foundation

9. Self appraisals should not be used to assess which of the following?

A. Math concepts

B. IEP adherence

C. Literacy

D. Dispositions regarding tasks

10. A four-year-old with cerebral palsy is enrolled in a classroom, and the child’s IEP is shared with you.

The letters in the acronym IEP stand for

A. inclusive emotional play.

B. inclusive environmental protection.

C. individualized educational plan.

D. integrated elementary program.

11. In developmentally appropriate classrooms, what is the role of the teacher?

A. Both the teacher and students are active and learn from one another.

B. The teacher does not teach directly.

C. The teacher initiates the majority of learning activities in which children engage.

D. The teacher structures the classroom so that children work alone.

12. Which of the following dimensions is not a component of self-regulation?

A. Resisting temptation

B. Delaying gratification

C. Inhibiting negative impulses

D. Self-awareness

13. Used to gather assessment data, _______ are brief interactions with individual children.

A. attribute namings

B. mini-conferences

C. portfolios

D. sociograms

14. Of the following, which is the best feature of using portfolios?

A. They focus on what children have failed to learn.

B. They’re more time-consuming than giving a traditional paper/pencil test.

C. They’re less time-consuming than giving a traditional paper/pencil test.

D. They focus on what children can do.

15. Which of the following is a do-it signal?

A. Show me something that’s not a circle.

B. Look up here.

C. What will happen if we put five on this side and five on that side?

D. Here is what you have to do first.

16. Good, developmentally appropriate curriculum includes all of the following except

A. a focus on all domains of development.

B. lesson plans to be implemented without changes.

C. planning for knowledge and skills children will acquire.

D. planning experiences through which children will learn.

17. What does it mean to be developmentally appropriate?

A. Professionals in the classroom must have a teaching certificate that includes an early childhood endorsement.

B. Every day and at specifically planned times in the planned schedule, children have outdoor free play, indoor free play, and

group time.

C. Teachers follow the school curriculum and plan activities in thematic units.

D. When making decisions, teachers consider child development, strengths and needs of individual children, and the children’s

cultural background.

18. When children rely on outside controls to guide their actions, they’re operating at the _______ level of


A. internalization

B. amoral

C. identification

D. adherence

19. Two children are arguing over who will get to use the toy stethoscope. They’re pulling on it and

pushing each other. What might an authoritative teacher do first?

A. Compose a written reprimand to the parents or guardians of the children.

B. Send the children to time-out.

C. Negotiate the conflict.

D. Take the stethoscope away for the rest of the day.

20. Which of the following is an example of objective notation of behavior in an observation?

A. “Karen followed her mother to the door, and then sat on the floor crying and kicking the door when her mother closed it

behind her.”

B. “Karen’s parents are not the most competent guardians.”

C. “Karen acted like a baby throwing a tantrum when her mother left, kicking the door in anger because her mother forgot to kiss

her good bye.”

D. “Karen cried because she was sad her mother left.”




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