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6090 week 6 – discussion: applying differential diagnosis to | SOCW 6090 – Psychopathology for Social Work | Walden University

Discussion: Applying Differential Diagnosis to Depressive and Bipolar Disorders

What is it truly like to have a mental illness? By considering clients’ lived experiences, a social worker becomes more empathetic and therefore better equipped to treat them. In this Discussion, you analyze a case study focused on a depressive disorder or bipolar disorder using the steps of differential diagnosis.

To prepare: View the TED Talk “Depression, the Secret We Share” (TED Conferences, LLC, 2013) and compare the description of Andrew Solomon’s symptoms to the criteria for depressive disorders in the DSM-5. Next review the steps in diagnosis detailed in the Morrison (2014) reading, and then read the case of Angel provided for this Discussion, considering the client against the various DSM-5 criteria for depressive disorders and bipolar disorders.

Provide a Discussion Post of 500+ words covering the following Content, Topics, and Headings: 

· Provide the full DSM-5 diagnosis for the client. For any diagnosis that you choose, be sure to concisely explain how the client fits that diagnostic criteria. Remember, a full diagnosis should include the name of the disorder, ICD-10-CM code, specifiers, severity, medical needs, and the Z codes (other conditions that may be a focus of clinical attention). Keep in mind a diagnosis covers the most recent 12 months.

· Explain the diagnosis by matching the symptoms identified in the case to the specific criteria for the diagnosis.

· Recommend a specific evidence-based measurement instrument to validate the diagnosis and assess outcomes of treatment.

· Describe your treatment recommendations, including the type of treatment modality and whether or not you would refer the client to a medical provider for psychotropic medications.

· Reference the above detailed learning resource

· Must contain at least 4 References and citations

· High Quality Master Degree Level

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