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303 w 4 excel template

Please use the attached Excel template to complete the assignment. The first tab in the spreadsheet includes an example.  The inputs you see in the template are based on the example. Please note you need to enter the data given in the assignment and complete it.   Please see attachment 

You are told that a random sample of 150 people from Manchester New Hampshire have been given cholesterol tests, and 60 of these people had levels over the “safe” count of 200.

Using Excel, construct a 95% confidence interval for the population proportion of people in New Hampshire with cholesterol levels over 200.

Note: Note that this question requires confidence interval for a proportion, the interval that is likely to capture the proportion of all population members’ that satisfy a specified property. Do you remember the formula? If not, here it is:

p estimate + – z-critical value X sqrt (p estimate (1-p estimate)/n)

Also note that, for population proportion, we use z-multiple not the t-multiple. So you can ask, where is the population standard deviation? You don’t need it. Look at the formula.

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